About Happy Honey

Genuine Northern skincarejoy. Care for both you and your four-legged , best friend.

Why the name Happy Honey?

With this name, we flirt a little with the bees, which produce the honeyingredients, we use in a large part of our products. Of course we want these faithful friends, to still live in an environment with open landscapes and meadowflowers, which allows them to be happy and at the same time give us all a better environment to live in.

Cruelty Free

We also think of our best, four-legged friends, who deserves at least as good care of their skin, paws and fur as we, their companions, have. We want our loved ones to be Happy . Therefor, of course, all our products are cruelty-free, as we want to protect nature, animals and people. Some of our products can also be used to both you and your dog.

Become a happy honey

We want to make your face/bodycare easy and give you a happy skin, with the best ingredients. Handmade products, made from organic ingredients, which provide good skincare, most peopke can enjoy. Even you with sensitive skin. Our products are not miraclecures for getting rid of wrinkles. The main purpose of our products is to moisturise, soften and protect. Our products for dogs also contain ingredients of the highest quality, only natural and organic. We want to offer care for both you and your dog in collaboration with nature. Everything made with love, under the Northern Lights and the Midnightsun , in wonderful Norrbotten.